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September 20, 2013 - The Official BIG U Book

    Summer’s over and the heat is starting to fade--but cruising season never ends!  Whether you’re turning in to your cabin earlier or seeking warmer waters, spend your spare time with a copy of Cruising the Big U!  The official book from BUCA Founders Ade & Jo Salzer has over 500 pages of stories and information on the adventure, including checklists, references, and helpful links.  Click HERE to order the book, or find it in the Big U SHOP, available in paperback and hardcover.  The shop also has loads of apparel and goodies featuring the Association’s branding to make your voyage all official-looking. 

    Interested in becoming an official member?  New members will also receive a paperback copy of CRUISING THE BIG U!  Please visit the JOIN page for information on how to join.  If you have any questions, feel free to ask the website manager at

   Feel free to browse our site and to use the contact links at the bottom for any questions regarding cruising the Big U, our Cruising Association, or this website.  Keep checking in for updates on this site as well!


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Voyaging through the Americas


- Our Mission -

To promote the fun, wonders, and benefits of coastal cruising the Americas safely,

in small vessels, without ever going more than a day’s voyage from land.

Welcome to, an online-based community of cruisers exploring the waterways of the Americas.  The “Big U” is a journey that can begin on the East or West coasts of the United States or Canada and takes voyagers through the Panama Canal en route to the other coast.  Along the way are countless historical ports, crystal-blue bays, and coastal communities that make this a voyage unlike any other!!/BigUCruising

Update -- STICKERS!!

        Some cruisers have requested, and we’ve delivered: BIG U stickers are now available in the Store -- and for stickers only, shipping is free!  Get yours today!